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incorporate some students. our campaign 2012 bas it is visiting a high school in indiana, until the next 45 minutes we will hear from 15 students participating in the program. the high school is located in northwest indiana, and over 1000 students attend. thank you for preparing the students for the call in, and comcast cable for sponsoring the visit. our first student is jesse. >> how would you suggest to financially restore the united states postal service besides cutting back employment and benefits? guest: we think it is simple. there will be a slow, gradual change in the post office that needs to be done. we recognize there are people that will not use the post office and probably never use it again, but there is $65 billion of revenue by people that are utilizing the postal service. they should be done gradually. they should be done humanely, was consideration of the poor communities and rural areas, so they did not lose their service. that could be done by using these over-funding, the money ained.as been dreame that is the humane way of doing this. you have to remember, if you read
and what has not been done in a given area. i visited the fusion center in the state of indiana. i've done it in a couple other areas and i think they represent probably the best hope for giving you the kind of response you want on unity of effort in any given crisis. >> gentlelady from new york, my colleague, ms. clarke. mr. clark from michigan. >> thank you, mr. chair. my question to the entire panel is how can the department of homeland security best judge in urban areas risk of an attack based on the assessment that it uses now? i represent metropolitan detroit. we have a large international airport hub. that airport was the destination of the plane that the christmas day bomber attempted to blow up. there is a strong likelihood that our region could be the target of another attack. now in addition to the likelihood of an attack, the department also needs to look at the consequences of an attack. metropolitan metropolitan detroit did not use that as an example. we have a large population center. we have a border that is water, that is also the busiest international border crossing in t
of indiana because the elders of my district of michigan businesses, come on down. and they did. so as i look at what we have to do on tax reform, we know we have to compete with other nations around the world. and i'm going to yield back to you and then give up some of my time. in the last congress who passed a currency manipulation milk into china, h.r. 2378. msi headline today and some of the news and some of the business groups were very cute errand but if this legislation came about again, it would perhaps lead to retaliation by chinese companies against american firms. i am wondering if you wanted a steady as to what the impacts of the chinese currency manipulation really means as it relates to u.s. businesses that export or involve in china. do i think i am not? >> we work with the congressional budget office on what we call indirect tax effects of nontax legislation. but i do not think that we did any work on the currency bill commissary. >> would it be possible to ask you -- do i do go through camp? >> we work for other matters of congress. i'm not that familiar with the legislation,
. here are some of senator kyle's remarks on the floor today. then you'll hear from indiana republican senator dan coats. >> president obama is about to s rule out another jobs plan he talked about last week.irst this is two and a half years tfter the first stimulus billabu which with interest to about $1.2 trillion, and his economict advisers have confirmed the fact that this stimulus concept isd o economic theory, and as our republican leader noted last week, unfortunately there areico now 1.7 million fewer jobs in of america are according to theicsn bureau of labor statistics than president' before the president's first stimulus bill. so the question is whether it iy better in theory than it is in practice. and i wanted to talk today a littlebasi bit about the twocono different basic theories of a economic growth and when you doh in aav situation of economic downturn like we have today.stim how should we be looking at the stimulation of job creation and economic growth, the two competing theories of course are the keynesian theory that i mentioned and what some have called supply-si
to interpenetrate that's the highest thing we long for her. one of the beautiful examples i book by indiana university, scientist who hofstadter was married to a and when their kids were five and care was dead, but hofstadter was still one day happened to have just as he had done many days he happened to glance at her face as he was what he wrote in his book, and a strange loop about that experience. i looked lips so deeply that i felt i peered out once i tears flowed, that's me, simple words brought back many feelings i'd had before about the fusion of her souls but the fact the core of both hopes and notion those hopes were not separate but just one hope, one clear thing that kind of unit i dimly imagine before being married and having children. i realized o'carroll had died, that core piece had not tied it off, but it had determinedly in used to say we suffer our way to the wisdom which is confirmed as a scientist scientific durocher thinks that ways much deeper than in a shallow and less important way, seen, educational forums suffered her way the shallow view dominant in our society as
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5